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Aaron-Spencer C: Authenticity and flare are just two components that give quality bands the ability to reshape an entire genre, creating sounds that take it into another direction. This is something that Los Angeles band, The Internet, showcased on Sunday at XOYO in east-London, UK.

Following their stellar performance at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards on Saturday, The Internet showcased their versatility and broad list of musical arrangements as part of the official event afterparty. The eclectic atmosphere was already set in stone, as the band — that night consisting of Syd (vocals), Patrick Paige (bass guitar), Christopher Smith (drums), Matt Martians (keytar) and Jameel Bruner on the keys, in place of Tay Walker — prepared to replicate the same level of energy that put them on the radar of the many blogs, websites and YouTube music channels that have given praise to the young musicians.

From the jump, the crowd were submerged into a soulful jazz underworld of rhythms from both their latest LP, Feel Good, and their debut release Purple Naked Ladies. The range of tracks created an electric presence that carried itself throughout the night, as each song brought its own flavour.

The array of different grooves were set to make the show an interesting one. The band unleashed their single, “Don’t Cha”, from the Feel Good album. The crisp sounds of both the keytar and keyboard, powerhouse drum kicks and clean high notes that Syd delivers on the chorus, made “Don’t Cha” come to life in a refreshing way. But it was the improvisation that demonstrated the entire band’s capabilities of playing melodies on a whim.

Patrick Paige put a nice spin on “Don’t Cha” with a short guitar solo, which showcased his ability to create chord arrangements that complimented the song. However it was his enthusiastic work on the mellow bass that gave a special funk element to the songs performed throughout the night.

It was pleasant to hear the strength of the bass, as often in live shows bass players find themselves struggling to achieve a presence amongst the strength of the other instruments, but with The Internet, this was not the case. Patrick Paige’s form on the bass alongside his fellow band mates was far beyond the norm and exciting to hear.

It’s this unique capability to read each other very well that made the various switch-ups on the night, a pleasant experience. This was something that one of the stand-out tracks that night, “Partners In Crime Part Two”, made use of with the original arrangement featuring small funky add-ins, proving that there is a synergy among the friends that could only stem from hours of impromptu jam sessions.

The ante was up consistently, but especially as the album closer on The Internet’s Purple Naked Ladies LP, pushed the air around the kick and snare of the drum out into oblivion as Christopher Smith entered a powerful drum break for “The Garden”. It was one for long-time fans and newcomers to appreciate, as Syd chopped up the short lyrics adding a nice touch to what is essentially a spacey mid-tempo outro. Smith had been effortlessly beating out the different drum kick, snare and hi-hat patterns, giving the audience that all-important hit in the chest, especially with the top-level sound quality. It was great to get those loud yet nicely controlled drum rhythms that could have been taken directly from the recorded LP itself.

Loving you’s so wonderful, like butterflies and waterfalls…” The flow on “Cloud of Our Own” saw The Internet riding on a nice set of arrangements that had the crowd bopping to that intriguing deep buzz sound that carries the track and the fast skipping beat. It was a live song that had the crowd familiar with another side to the band — a plethora of influences including soul, acid jazz and funk all flipped in The Internet’s signature way.

When watching Matt Martians on stage, it is a great sight to see him in his element. His steady timing on the keytar provided futuristic synths and other sounds, as well as his use of the shaker which added a nice subtle layer on top of the other instrumentals. It’s also undeniable that Matt’s numerous facial expressions showed a producer who was excited to experience the feeling of the hard work from the studio, come to life as a live show for fans who were totally fixed on each and every lyric and musical piece.

Casting a silk blanket of slow-tempo soul over the crowd, “Shadow Dance” was a chance to feel the band’s dreamy music notes which eased the atmosphere into a soothing intimate scene, which when paired with the ballad-esque tones of Syd’s voice, was a vibe reminiscent of the ’90s MTV Unplugged sessions.

One of the most crowd-chanting songs was “She Dgaf”, the third track from the album Purple Naked Ladies. The easy-going and conversational attitude of the song’s verses, plus the ‘no f***s given’ lyrics of the chorus had many in the crowd singing along with Syd, which emphasised the connection the band had with their loyal followers.

Interacting well with the crowd was a noticeable quality that Syd had during the set — a visible charismatic personality added to the ambience within XOYO’s walls. Her calming yet compelling way, along with that notorious leaning-stop dance make Syd a colourful character.

But it’s the moments that have the lead singer zoning out, that truly show the relationship she has with the songs’ lyrics.They send Syd into a whirlwind of memories, which adds to her delicate vocal style. Listening to the live rendition of lines from songs such as “Cloud of Our Own” and “Pupil / The Patience”, adds to the purity of the experience.

Throughout The Internet’s set, keyboard player Jameel Bruner (younger brother of musician, Thundercat) displayed a special finesse on the keys that added a nice touch to the soul that was coming through from all members on stage. It was amazing to see how he flowed naturally adding flavour, that gave off an almost James Poyser vibe. There was also a nice moment between Bruner and Paige as they attempted to blend their own melodies together just before going into the next song — a cool snap-shot moment of how the band members gel musically.

The surprise highlight came as Syd, like in numerous interviews, made known that The Internet’s favourite band was Jamiroquai, which made for a great opportunity to suddenly slip into an incredible ode to the British band. The infamous acid jazz classic “Too Young To Die” was turned into a super-fly display of what happens when musicians truly study their art to perfection and those that came before them.

The entire hour-long set at XOYO that night was filled with musicianship that could only be birthed from a collective of individuals who have respect for all elements of good music and sincerely enjoy performing for an audience. The Internet were consistent throughout with a vibrancy that only good chemistry, unlimited creativity and confidence could provide.

Based on this performance alone, The Internet are sure enough in line to become the live band of choice for many across 2014.

To keep up with The Internet visit www.internet-band.com

Twitter: @intanetz

Venue: XOYO

Recommended Listen: “Don’t Cha" "Partners In Crime Part Two" // "Sunset" ft. Yuna Zarai // "Pupil / The Patience" // "The Garden" // "She Dgaf


Aaron-Spencer C: Live music that brings an eclectic palette of lucid musicianship and meaningful lyrical content never fails to paint vivid images that inspire crowds, that are often made up of genuine music fans and aspiring artists alike.

This unique effect of live music will be in the air at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards 2014 on 18 January at north-London’s KOKO venue — an event dedicated to a roster of the most charismatic talent to grace music, both new and veteran.

The Worldwide Awards is now in its ninth year and has grown considerably, since its first show in 2004 at east-London’s Cargo. Each of the artists set to perform have paved their way through the music industry conjuring up sizable followings and raising interest among journalists, A&Rs and laying foundations for aspiring artists to learn from…

Ady Suleiman > Making noise by way of gig venues, performances at Dot To Dot Festival and Glastonbury, Ady Suleiman has demonstrated the ability to display his confident vocal tone and distinctive singing flow. With life-reflecting lyrics and skills on the acoustic guitar. BBC Introducing and 1Xtra Homegrown are just two of the large catalogue of outlets who have been praising the youngster’s musical capabilities. 


"Need Somebody To Love" (Mahogany Sessions) // "Serious & So Lost"

Andrew Ashong > Mr Ashong took home the Worldwide Award for Track of The Year in 2013, after his first solo release (via Theo Parrish’s Signature Sound label) attracted attention with the track “Flowers”. The versatility in Andrew Ashong’s style of music is evident with each of his tracks; the soul-laced funk and easing harmonies, make much of his music perfect for a Sunday afternoon recline.


"Flowers" // "Never Dreamed"

Cid Rim > Hailing from Vienna, Cid Rim is a master of drum-and-synth compositions. His origins began with piano music but his passion for the drums and his inspiration for sequencer programs, led Cid Rim down a truly unique creative path that has resulted in deep yet clean experimental electronica with his drum work being some of the most captivating across the genre. Cid Rim’s 2012 self-titled album and the Mute City EP from 2013, via LuckyMe Records, provide pleasant musical trips far outside any generic norms.  


"Fade" // "Danger Ranger"

Jimi Tenor > An all-encompassing artist whose career spans over two decades, Jimi Tenor has been producing music with a truly dynamic ethos behind it — taking influences from jazz, experimental rock and psychedelic soul. Having released numerous albums on Warp Records (e.g, Intervision, Organism et al) and Sähkö recordings (Cosmic Relief, Utopian Dream et al), Jimi Tenor is a musical legend who has created material catered to those unafraid of exploring sounds that reach all moods.


"Strawberry Place" // "My Mind"

Jonwayne > Jonwayne lays down poetry that causes ears to catch each line full of metaphors and similes that make it evident that he has studied the lyrical game inside-out, to produce a new twist on it. Originally producing hip-hop beats and churning out mixtapes, Jonwayne caught the attention of Stones Throw Records’ Peanut Butter Wolf, who signed him as an emcee. Since that moment Jonwayne has continued to create beats and verses that prove to be forward-thinking and charismatic, no matter who rides the beat, or what beat he rides on. His Rap Album One was released in 2013 with Oodles of Doodles as the predecessor LP.


"Marion Morrison" // "The Come Up" ft Scoop Deville

Kyodai > Kyodai have been taking their instrumental dance records to new heights ever since their debut EP, Mi Rumba, left ripples of delight among man dance music fans with their fusion of genres within the production and mixes. The duo (whose band name means ‘brothers’ in Japanese) then produced their Breaking EP via the Local Talk label and have continued to spin a succession of shows internationally including Wanderlust in Paris and Nu Spirit Club in Bratislava. Kyodai provide a refreshing angle to House music, while also paying homage to the ’90s philosophy.    


"The Scene" // "Mi Rumba"

Swindle > Swindle is an all-round musician whose music blends a range of influences into his own dubstep style. In 2013 Swindle (who has produced for Professor Green and Roll Deep) released his debut LP Long Live The Jazz, which was a highly satisfying body of work that gave fans of instrumental music an insight into what happens when UK grime and dubstep meets soul, funk, jazz and electro.

Terri Walker sets the bar high when it comes to R&B music. The London-born singer has grown through each stage of her career; from her debut album Untitled, through to her 2008 LP Walk With Me and work with fellow vocalist, Nicole Wray as the duo Lady. Terri remains an artist with a distinctive form of soul music and has proved that longevity in European R&B-soul is possible.

Swindle: www.swindleproductions.co.uk / Terri Walker: @TheRealMzWalker

"Running Cold" (Swindle ft. Terri Walker) // "When I Fly Away" // "Keep Me Warm"

The Internet > From a world doused in soul music, The Internet maintains its unique position as the groovy duo in the Odd Future collective. Consisting of vocalist and producer Syd and producer Matt Martians, this band has impressed many with live grooves and sultry lyrics. The debut release Purple Naked Ladies was a success and now, The Internet ‘s recent sophomore LP, Feel Good, does just that — successfully makes you feel good.


"Dontcha" // "Fastlane"

Toddla T > Toddla T controls the rhythm and reworks the melodies like a true DJ, as the BBC Radio 1 spinner continues to make instrumentals that span across dance music’s electro, house and garage vibes through to hip-hop and dancehall influences. His 2009 debut album Skanky Skanky, presented listeners with Toddla T’s thumping drums, vibrating frequencies and perfect roster of collaborations. His sophomore Watch Me Dance elevated this format and has had Toddla T in high demand as a DJ and producer, ever since.


Body Dub" // "Take It Back" 

Valerie June > A stand-out musician who has propelled her music from a genre arguably considered an international niche, to a mainstream gem, sought after by many fans of folk lyricism and traditional country blues. June’s Memphis, Tennessee roots have been effective in the production of her 2006 self-released-debut LP The Way of the Weeping Willow, and still holds itself strong with her most recent offering, Pushin’ Against A Stone.


"The Hour" // "You Can’t Be Told"

For tickets to Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards  2014, click here.

For everything Gilles Peterson visit www.gillespetersonworldwide.com 


Aaron-Spencer C: Some of the greatest live music sets are from bands that transcend cultural boundaries, so it was refreshing to experience Lokandes — a Latin American fusion band rich in traditional sounds — perform at the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall on Saturday evening.

Consisting of band members Ayoze Hernandez-Lopez, Kieffer Santander, Feng Bao, Yuri Betancourt, Jeanette Rojas (also known as Phaxsi Coca) and frontman Kanti Qena, Lokandes have grown as a musical entity with deep Andean roots, merged well with influences from across many countries. The eclectic mix of heritage within the band (Peruvian,  Bolivian, Chilean, Spanish, British and Colombian) has resulted in Lokandes’ distinctive style, which has seen the band perform at a range of venues and festivals over the recent years.

Saturday’s show opened with tropical flavours dowsed over a smooth, almost acid jazz-influenced rhythm, with their song “Tata Inti” — a record with a very scenic instrumental that perfectly demonstrated the individual range of sounds from each of the band’s instruments. The congas, acoustic and bass guitars, charango, drums and Andean panpipes. It was an introduction that held true to Lokandes’ well-known fusion style, as the up-tempo jazzy vibe together with the indigenous feel brought two worlds in one space.

It’s these Andean panpipes that become the noticeable signature gem throughout Lokandes’ sound, providing the cultural backbone to the many of the rhythms.

The band moved on to perform “Waltz”, taking the mood down to a slower, more traditional pace. Kanti Qena’s sense of melody on the charango saw him create a harp-like effect, giving a calming tone to the aura of the song. The guitar then picked-up-pace with a quicker Spanish tempo.

One of the stand-out tracks, “El Cafe de la Abuela” was an exquisite combination of flutes and both the acoustic and bass guitars. It’s easy to sense that Lokandes truly love and respect the music they create, as it’s transmitted through their stage presence. On this particular song, the cajon and cajita wooden percussion instruments ride the track well underneath the other sounds.

"Raza Aymara" demonstrated again, Lokandes’ ability to rock out at any tempo, with the song switching tones and tempos multiple times. At this point in the show, the band had already done enough to satisfy many of those who were new to the group’s sound, all the while, keeping their existing fans recognising why they enjoyed the band’s music in the first place.

One thing to note is Lokandes’ lyrical content, which comes from a place of pride and security in oneself. “Sudaka” — a beautiful ode to South Americans working hard and being proud of who they are — was an opportunity to feel the conscious spirit of the group, with the lyrics being carried by some small elements of Cuban son music.

The global sound that Lokandes produces allows ears to catch a different part of the Americas with each song; from snippets of Brazilian rhythms to one-drop reggae flavours, Lokandes are professionals at bringing different musical formats together and creating a entire new sound.

"Lokoton" was the closing song for the evening, giving the crowd an upbeat mix of Colombian cumbia, Ecuadorian flavours and much more. The ambience at the Royal Festival Hall was uplifted from the time the Lokandes band members stepped on stage and hit their first notes, however, "Lokoton" brought a vitality that proved to be an undeniably to end the evening.

The audience helped Lokandes bring the show to a close by dancing and rhythmically clapping to the genius hybrid of notes.

Lokandes showcased how to present multiple areas of Latin American music into one entity. The melodic expressions from the Andean, Afro-Latino and Spanish aspects of South American culture resulted in a powerhouse of string and wind symphonies, and booming drums that left the audience anticipating in which direction the band were going to take them next, on what was essentially a journey through Latin America.

Lokandes are fully dedicated to representing culture through experimenting with their art, something that the band achieves with the confidence of contemporary artists, but the heart and soul of musicians who respect traditional styles.

To give the crowd a Latin experience the way this band did, is to successfully birth an entire generation of new fans to the Lokandes sound…world music at its finest…

To stay up to date with Lokandes head over to www.facebook.com/LokandesMusic

// www.myspace.com/lokandesproject

Twitter: @Lokandes

Recommended listen: “Lokoton" // "Tata Inti (live)" // "El Cafe de La Abuela (acoustic version)

Aaron-Spencer C: DāM-FЦПK (Dam-Funk), Los Angeles’ connoisseur of everything soulfully psychedelic, has hit fans with an unreleased instrumental number, nicely closing what has been the Stones Throw signee’s successful 2013. It’s a jam that showcases DāM-FЦПK’s signature intergalactic style and is, once again, the reason why he is the number one choice for many car-cruisers — over 9 minutes of melody to simply recline and ride to.

Many Snoop Dogg and DāM-FЦПK fans were ecstatic about the duo’s collaborative project 7 Days Of Funk, which was released earlier this month, especially since many people had been speaking, for years, about the potential musical magic that the combination of these two talented innovators, could produce.

DāM-FЦПK has always been ahead-of-his-time, with his double-disc debut album, Toeachizown, putting a distinctive (and personally mind-blowing) spin on an old-skool genre.

If you haven’t familiarised yourself with the 7 Days Of Funk LP, start by checking out the video for “Hit Da Pavement.”

For more of Dam-Funk head over to www.stonesthrow.com/damfunk 

Twitter: @DaMFunK 

Recommended Listen: “”Faden Away" (from 7 Days Of Funk) / “Mirrors" (from Toeachizown) / “When I’m With U I Think Of Her" (from Adolescent Funk)

Aaron-Spencer C: Life experience is the best teacher and brings the most honest emotions, making it the best recording material. This is something that south-London singer Katy B ha kept within the core of her music as she releases the new video for her latest track “Crying For No Reason”, from her sophomore LP Little Red.

It was Katy B’s debut LP On A Mission that saw Rinse FM’s first-lady provide an eclectic collection of heartfelt reflections on past relationships and youthful struggles, across a palette consisting of drum & bass, UK Funky, R&B and dubstep. It was the experience of the musical grind, club scene and romances that made On A Mission a highlight for 2011.

Now with 2014 around the corner, Katy B has been gearing up to release a new chapter of relatable tracks with the release of Little Red on 3 Feb. The LP has already seen the first single garner much deserved attention, as an ode to the “5 AM” party lifestyle.

Katy B will be touring across the UK between 25-29 March, performing in Brighton, London, Oxford, Birmingham and Manchester. Get a hold of tickets here.

For more of Katy B visit www.katybofficial.com

Twitter: @KatyB

Recommended listen: “5 AM" (from Little Red) / "Broken Record" (from On A Mission) / Movement (from On A Mission)


Aaron-Spencer C: Lightning bolts of brass band-induced energy filled the Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall on Saturday evening, with the Hackney Colliery Band responsible for each and every strike.

Far from the traditional colliery set-up the Hackney Colliery band have been delivering hits to the eardrums since coming together in 2008, consisting of a 9-piece ensemble putting a completely funky twist on the brass band sound.

The powerful trumpet from band frontman, Steve Pretty, was an instant hit in the chest, quickly accompanied by the brass and percussion instruments of fellow band mates, Mike Lesirge (alto sax), Jeff Miller (Sousaphone) and Luke Christie and Olly Blackman (Drums), as they opened up with a buzzing set of melodies that showcased the uptempo jazz-influenced synergy between the players. Although the remaining number of original band members couldn’t make it that evening, it didn’t stop the temporary fillers on the tenor saxophone, trombones and trumpet from learning the quick-fire funkadelics of the Hackney Colliery band ethos.

The following song was a rendition of Kanye West’s “All of The Lights”, which saw the energy increase in the venue as the entire brass family nailed the trumpet sections originally found in the song’s chorus, yet adding their special flare to it. The sound was so clear that you’d think they were the musicians Mr West had recorded with in the studio.

British songstress Adele, had her number one hit, “Rolling In The Deep” performed flawlessly with the band brassing-out not only the chorus, but the lines from each verse, accurately re-designing her vocal ranges. It’s worth mentioning that this was one of the band’s covers featured as part of their successful performance at the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

If that wasn’t enough, British songstress Lianne La Havas was given a high-energy makeover as the band performed “Is Your Love Big Enough?” which saw crowd-clapping participation. The interactive element of the Hackney Colliery Band’s performance was something that added to the show, and also opened up the somewhat conservative Southbank crowd, who although were very much into the performance, were yet to get up and dance (something that was soon to change with the next roll of songs).

The infamous “Prodigy Medley” put the pedal-to-the-metal and took the already life-pumping sounds to a higher level. Three of The Prodigy’s classic hits – “Jericho”, “Out of Space” and “No Good (Start The Dance)” – were covered to a degree of perfection that makes the word ‘amazing’ an understatement. It emphasised the band’s ability to mirror the pace of tracks from across genres.

Of course it wasn’t only the cover songs that uplifted the Royal Festival Hall. Taken from their latest sophomore LP Common Decency, the band unleashed funk with “Smile For The Webcam”, a jam that went down well with the good number of gyrating and popping audience members. The unintentional dance spaces at either side of the stage found themselves quickly filled.

It’s easy to notice Hackney Colliery Band’s dynamic jazz origins, with powerful rhythms and synchronised runs, yet there were many great moments of freestyling across all four core instruments, although it would have been great to get a solo from the Sousaphone (watching Jeff Miller get down across the stage with such a heavy instrument, while hitting each bass note perfectly, is great to see).

From the first trumpet holler to the very last pound of the percussion drums, The Hackney Colliery Band played at the Southbank Centre with such vitality, completely redefining the musical norms of the colliery band label in a way that could only inspire like-minded musicians…

For more of the Hackney Colliery Band check out www.hackneycollieryband.co.uk

Vote for the Hackney Colliery Band for the Songlines World Music Awards 2014 here

Londoners, you can catch the Hackney Colliery Band once a month at the infamous Ronnie Scotts.

Twitter: @hackneycolliery

Recommended Listen: Prodigy Medley // All of the Lights (Kanye West) //  “Is Your Love Big Enough?” (Lianne La Havas) // “Rolling In The Deep” (Adele) // “Under The Bridge” (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) // No Diggity (Blackstreet cover)

Aaron-Spencer C: Dusting off the pots and pans, is something that has been long overdue. Having not served up anything new on a platter for quite a while.

But it was good to take a break, now though, it’s time to reheat the grills, revive the recipes, and start serving up the dishes that made this blog enjoyable…

It’s all about picking up from where I left off, from where we left off, and keeping the sizzling sounds of music cooking, with a dash of art and other non-boundary-fitted creativity brewing — Love, Live, Eat, Sleep, Breathe Music ;-)…

The Funky Deli | Aaron-Spencer C: Detroit has a special quality about it when it comes to music. The soulful rhythms birthed during the city’s Motown era, gave Detroit a sound that demonstrated the talent coming out of The Motor City. Nothing’s changed, especially with the Hip Hop talent.

'Intelligent wordplay made to look easy' is the best way to describe the lyrical prowess of the four-emcees-strong collective, Clear Soul Forces. Consisting of Noveliss, E-Fav, Ilajide and L.A.Z, Clear Soul Forces have been putting in work as a group for the past three years, since meeting as individual emcees at a studio jam session with Royce Da 5'9.

It was from that point on that the four Detroit natives began to produce music together, aiming to create originality that would put them on the map as the next big talent to surface from The D.

In 2009 Clear Soul Forces (whose influences include Outkast, Lauryn Hill, The Foreign Exchange and undoubtedly J Dilla) gave the underground scene a taste of their linguistic deliveries and the confidence that was brewing within the camp, with the release of the Clear Soul Radio mixtape (featuring impressive rhymes over Flying Lotus’ “Massage Situation” instrumental). This was followed by The Departure EP, helping to imprint the group on to the ‘ones to watch’ list of many music aficionados.

Today, Clear Soul Forces have been performing shows across the US displaying their rhymes to crowds who instantly feel the hunger coming from four 20-somethings, who are determined to leave a lasting impression on Hip Hop. Since performing at SXSW in 2011 and again in 2012, then receiving a co-sign from Red Bull by being the featured as part of the Red Bull soundstage program, Clear Soul Forces continue to push on the grind as their latest album Detroit Revolution(s) keeps the Motown lyricists blowing up on everybody’s radar.

Check out Clear Soul Forces via www.forceswithyou.com and listen to Detroit Revolution(s) and The Departure at clearsoulforces.bandcamp.com.

Follow their Twitter: @clearsoulforces. // Recommended Listen: “Runnin”, “Knuckle Up”, “Stack Yo Paypuh”.

The Funky Deli | Aaron-Spencer C: Live performances are always the reference point used to determine whether an artist is truly serious about their craft. It is this vital 60 minute set that can place a performer on to a pedestal of musical excellence, or leave them without much of a fan base .

In the case of soul-folk singer Lianne La Havas, her lengthy live performance at Village Underground in east-London on Tuesday night, proved that she was capable of giving a quality musical offering.

The 22-year-old south-London native has made her way up the popularity scale ever since the release of her first EP Lost & Found in 2011, followed by a string of live shows and a performance on the BBC’s Later…with Jools Holland.

Tuesday night’s show was the ultimate example of an artist immersed in giving their all on stage. With her guitar in hand and a kitted-out live band to back her, La Havas took to the stage with a humble confidence and kicked off her set with tracks from her debut album Is Your Love Big Enough?

It’s easy to get lost in Lianne La Havas’ aura of musical essence – she subconsciously makes you aware that she is a true musician, capable of arresting the audiences’ attention.

The personal experiences of La Havas’ emotional rollercoaster with her ex-boyfriend, take her songs to a level where it’s difficult for the crowd to not understand her heartache. Her live rendition of the track “No Room For Doubt”, was an acoustic trip down memory lane, where La Havas put her true feelings from her past relationship out for all to witness, with clear vocals, which could have matched up perfectly with the recorded version. “Forget” – one of the more upbeat tracks about her break-up – got the crowd jigging along to the guitar strums and that recognisable powerhouse note foudn in the chorus.

La Havas showed her cheeky charisma on the acoustic number “Age” – a light-hearted tale about falling in love with an older man, while “Tease Me” brought intimacy into play. There was even an acoustic ode to soul singer Jill Scott, as Lianne performed the singer’s infamous track “He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)”.

Throughout the night, La Havas was a talented free spirit, showcasing how she could be bubbly and engaging with her fans, as well as make light of minor awkward situations (plucking the wrong guitar note) –  all qualities appreciated by those who turned up on the night.

Most notably, the distinctive lyrics that cascade throughout Lianne’s work are what grip the audience emotionally. The strength in each line of every verse creates an audio-biopic, in which both women and men can grab a recognisable experience to relate to. La Havas remains a portrait of the everyday-girl with a lot of life experience in love, albeit young.

La Havas has proven that acoustic vocals win over true music lovers. Her ability to play guitar can be compared to a stream of flowing water; it comes naturally and separates her from her current British counterparts (she has been loosely compared to Adele). Pair the south-London native’s guitar fiddling with powerfully emotive lyrics, and the result is a concoction of soothing melodies, heart-sinking familiarity and upbeat guitar strums with a like-minded live band.

With her debut album Is Your Love Big Enough currently positioned at No.4 in the Official UK Chart, and likely to remain in the Top 5 for a second week, Lianne La Havas will undoubtedly continue to ripple humble waves of authentic talent, backed by charisma, as she records more material.

A true gem from the school of sincere artistry, who is likely to continue to sparkle as she continues her journey, creating more musical material.

To keep up with Lianne La Havas, visit: www.liannelahavas.com // Recommeded listen: “Forget”, “No Room For Doubt”, “Age”, “Tease Me”.

The Funky Deli | Aaron-Spencer C: A busy schedule has meant a shortage of updates for the week, but that doesnt mean there has been a shortage of suprises. You may have heard of the ‘ressurection’ of Tupac Shakur at this year’s Coachella festival (think impressive, yet eerily life-like hologram of the west coast rapper), but what a lot of London city’s Hip Hop-Soul music fans in particular have been talking about, is the return of Lauryn Hill.
Similar to fellow modern-day soul legend D’Angelo, Ms. Hill was previously the talk of rumours, gossip and skepticism amidst fans who began debating, upon hearing about the star’s possible return to the stage in a one-off London show.
All eyes and ears were focused on the Fugee female lead, to see if she was really capable of being back in ‘the zone’ — the same artistic place where she created the classic album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.
From the numerous reviews read thus far, it seems that Lauryn proved to have gained her kick back. A recommended article comes in the form of an Independent reivew by my mentor and founder of The Cultural Expose, Matilda Egere-Cooper: Read her Lauryn Hill review.

The Funky Deli | Aaron-Spencer C: A busy schedule has meant a shortage of updates for the week, but that doesnt mean there has been a shortage of suprises. You may have heard of the ‘ressurection’ of Tupac Shakur at this year’s Coachella festival (think impressive, yet eerily life-like hologram of the west coast rapper), but what a lot of London city’s Hip Hop-Soul music fans in particular have been talking about, is the return of Lauryn Hill.

Similar to fellow modern-day soul legend D’Angelo, Ms. Hill was previously the talk of rumours, gossip and skepticism amidst fans who began debating, upon hearing about the star’s possible return to the stage in a one-off London show.

All eyes and ears were focused on the Fugee female lead, to see if she was really capable of being back in ‘the zone’ — the same artistic place where she created the classic album The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

From the numerous reviews read thus far, it seems that Lauryn proved to have gained her kick back. A recommended article comes in the form of an Independent reivew by my mentor and founder of The Cultural Expose, Matilda Egere-Cooper: Read her Lauryn Hill review.